Friday, July 22, 2011

Breastfeeding Sisters

Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (July).  For this month, we join the National Nutrition Council - Department of Health in celebrating Nutrition Month with the theme "Isulong ang Breastfeeding - Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo!" Participants will share their experiences in promoting breastfeeding or their tips on how breastfeeding should be promoted.  Please scroll down to the end of this post and check out the other carnival participants.

In our family, breastfeeding is the norm rather than the exception.  My sisters and I produced three kids, all born in 2010. Coincidence? No. It's probably God's way of letting the world know that our bountiful milk supply is not just for each other, but for sharing to the rest of the world as well. You will probably see us in the mall nursing together. We are walking breastfeeding advertisements.

As a breastfeeding tripod, we influence each other to breastfeed. We call each other when one is down, or are having problems breastfeeding. We nurse each other's kids when the need arises. We have breastfeeding powow sessions wherein we discuss everything under the sun, over glasses of juice. We laugh, we cry, and we discuss all things possible over breastfeeding. Our kids know each other really well too as they share their respective mommy's milk.

Breastfeeding is really a good conversation starter. I have started conversations with breastfeeding moms in the most mundane of places -- bus stops, inside jeepneys, LRT, and doctor's waiting rooms. Most especially Starbucks.

Us sisters share milk to those who need it. We're a text, or a Facebook message or a call away. We cannot count how many children who collectively benefited from our milk.

How do we let the world know about breastfeeding?

1) Be an expert.
There are a lot of breastfeeding support groups -- La Leche League, Breast Friends, Breastfeeding Club, LATCH, Medela Moms. You can share breastfeeding experiences and ask questions about breastfeeding and parenting. There are also online resources that can help you out.

2) Breastfeed in in public.
I am a proud tandem public nurser. My kids rival that of a 1985 unmaintained Toyota (do you know how noisy it is?!) when they need to nurse. Everybody knows when my kids want to nurse because of the ruckus they create. Like what I said, this happens to be a great conversation starter again.

3) Influence though knowledge.
I have influenced other mommies in my office  to breastfeed. I am a proud mother hen to mommies who tell me about their breastfeeding relationships.

To my sisters, it has been a wonderful ride. Let us continue to share our blessings.
To the babies who made us realize our purpose, bottoms up little ones.
To the moms who need breastmilk, we are still here. As long as we produce milk, we will continue to give it.

Breastmilk is like water. It is free. It is our life.

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  1. I can imagine how validating it must have felt, going through the early days with your sisters there to struggle and strive with you :)

  2. great photo isis!! i love it and having a supportive sisterhood is a big plus!! :D

  3. ooohhh my breastfeeding experience is so rich because I got to connect with so many friends and got to meet new friends. I can imagine how 1000x more fun it is if sisters pa! Super happy for you! That is such priceless bonding experience for you sisters and your kids. Lucky!

  4. What a great family! Your children are going to have so much fun as they grow up. ;-)

  5. Amazing and unique experience. Lucky sisters too!!

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