Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Love My Mojitos, Yes I Do

I started singing this ditty to wake the little ones  every morning. Works everytime. For some reason, that made up song makes them wake up with a smile.

As a mother, one needs to be creative and think out of the box to make children learn and understand things. I brought them, yes, including the baby, to different places - Museo Pambata, Enchanted Kingdom, even the movie houses. I even let them roll in the grass and play in the rain. I let them eat dirt, let them scrape their knees, bump their heads (not too much though), let them hear loud sounds and smell poop. That way, even at their tender ages, they experience good and bad things.

I'm not a creative person. I read magazines to keep abreast of new things. The most creative things I did?

Here are some:
1) I assembled a walker -- BY MYSELF, an achievement because I DO NOT assemble things. I read the manual. Next stop, build a house.
2) I baked a cake, again BY MYSELF. Thanks to Maya Oven Toaster Cake. My daughter said I am the best baker in the world.
3) I brought star stamps in National. I had stars of every imagineable color on my arm. My daughter had fun naming the colors. Plus she told me I deserve stars because I am a good mommy.

More things to do! This is the life.

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