Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Significance of Number 3

HI Mare,

One of the most significant things that happened to me this year was when you went home to Papa God last April 3, 2013. You "graduated" from your fight with breast cancer.

And to top it off, why was the number 3 so significant? Here's why.

1) You were born November 3, 1979.
2) You went home to Papa God last April 3, 2013.
3) You were 33 years old.
4) The truck that was used to put stones and soil on top of your  coffin was Truck Number 3.
5) You were the third of 3 three siblings.

Oh well Mare, up to know you still make us think.=)

How is heaven Mare? I'm sure you're watching over us all the time. I think about you every time I have quiet moments.  I especially like those "what would Cathy do in this scenario" scenes.

Thank you mare for keeping me safe every time I go home. Tag team talaga kayo ni Papa God.

I love you Mare. I miss you. Paramdam ka naman in my dreams, I have a LOOOTTT of kwento. Showbiz and other stuff.

See you in my dreams Mare.

It's Been A While

No posts in 2013. Time to revive my experiences.

Let's see. 2012 was a roller coaster ride. 2013 is a year full of changes. New work, new friends, new lease on life. Happy. Very happy.

Jeremy is in big school. Justin is learning to talk, a mile a minute.

Thank you to Eden for reminding me that writing is cathartic.

Until the next post.