Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ian, The Master French Kisser

Ian. Daddy. The progenator -- one half of the dynamic duo who produced the little rascals Jeremy and Justin. My husband and my life. The man whose booming voice and laugh elicits fear from his children. The one who secretly reads my stash of YES magazines. Master kisser (sige na nga). Pearl Jam junkie and camera whore. Since he works in a school, he feels that he graduated college only a year ago.

He is the person I would love to lose teeth with when we get older, and balder.

Jeremy Who Is Not French Kissing Anytime Soon

Jeremy. The Mouth. Little Rascal Part One. My Kulot. My panganay. The little kikay girl who always wants to be pretty when she goes out of the house. I swear, I think the nurses switched her in the nursery. The little girl who sprouts those Buddha sayings contrary to her age. The proud ate who doesn't know her strength -- he pinched Justin's cheeks just because. The little girl whose smart quips make everybody's day. And the little girl who loves her family so much.

She's not a great french kisser (magkamatayan na kung sino ang magaattempt), but she can bowl you over with word sprouts from her mouth.

Justin, The French Kisser

Justin, Justin, Justin. My bunso, my cricket, my gentleman. We don't know yet if he will grow up kulot like his Ate. Paranoid of being called a mommy who has favoritism by his daddy, I bought Justin his own exercise mat, stroller, and a sling. The rest of this stuff kasi are hand me downs from his ate (except the panties of course --- pero pag walang laundry, he had his share of panties too).I don't think I'm ready to do the sex talk with him -- I'll leave that to his daddy.

His first words are: Mama and Ate. Daddy, may excuse, phonetically, mahirap ipronounce ang letter D.

Oh, and Justin? He's a great french kisser. I think he learned from the best.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Each whimper, each cry, no matter how soft --will definitely tug at our heartstrings. I just went outside to make weewee, and Justin used his eyes to follow me. He is held by his daddy.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mama Love

It is said that when a baby is born, a parent is born as well. Sadly, there is no course to prepare one to become a parent, you learn on the job. You learn from each experience, good or bad.

I'm having the time of my life being a full time mommy to my little ones. Jeremy is turning four, and Justin is turning one. Having two kids below five is fun, albeit very challenging. They just had a bout of bronchopneumonia, yes, both of them. Thankfully, they are recovering, though puking up a storm when drinking their antibiotics.

I feel that I'm doing a good job as a mother. I believe I'm practicing attachment parenting (though not consciously), but I make sure that we:
a) Breastfeed
b) Keep/wear the kiddos close to me.
c) Co-sleep
d) Keep them close together.
e) Acknowledge good things done.
f) Let them learn from their mistakes -- even it means letting them fall down so that they can go back up again.

I love being a mommy.