Thursday, May 5, 2011

Milk Maid Mommy

I went to Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC) to donate about 200 ounces of milk. Here goes...

I placed the milk inside a big cooler.  My daughter was alarmed when she saw me put down my milk from the freezer. She told me that it was her baby brothers' milk.  I told her that many sick babies will be happy when they drink my milk.  I could see the pride in my three year old daughter's eyes after I said those words.

My daughter wanted to come with me to PCMC. I was worried that the milk will melt. It was  a good thing that the crew suggested we put newspaper inside the cooler. The cooler housed two big bags of ice from 7-11. We placed the  milk, and then covered them with newspaper to regulate the temperature. Instant thermal bag! That would have to do, because I could not find any dry ice.

The travel from Taytay to PCMC took about 45 minutes.  The nurses were very accommodating. I just filled out the required forms. A daddy was there, and he was very thankful to me. Eventhough his premature baby cannot get my milk yet (it would have to be pasteurized first) he told me that there should be more mommies like me. =)

By the way, if you're going to donate milk, PCMC requires a Hepa B and an HIV blood test, plus an Xray.

I nourished my babies with my milk alone. Now I'm going to help babies SURVIVE with my milk.

Bottoms up little ones.

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